THE VEGAS (logo)

THE VEGAS, is an Electronic Dance Music duo project made up by Andrea Zito and Simone Migliarese two Italian Djs.
They were born in Crotone (Italy) , but currently they live in Santa Cruz De Tenerife (Spain), where they run their home-studio
recording with their partner Vinjay and they regularly play their music in the best clubs of the Canary Islands and Spain.
The Vegas is an independent, polyhedric and versatile Band.
He performed in different European countries (Italy, Spain, Canary Islands).
The Vegas is keen on music and technology since they were very young; so they started early to develop their own recording
studio and to become familiar with computers, mixers, synthesizers, drum-machines, samplers and keyboards.
When they play, they always focus their attention on the dancefloor and generally they offer a real live/dj-set; in fact they play
their music supported by 4 Cdjs Players and by various Synthesyzers, Keyboards to create music in live; so they are able to offer
an amazing technical show and their sound is original.
From a musical point of view, their sets are a mix of grooves and sounds from House, Techno and Electronica; so the final result
is really international and original.
As of 2013 they perform frequently as Guest Dj at the best clubs of Tenerife such as the O’Clocks, Monkey.
As a Music-Producer, Remixer and Composer they worked and collaborated with important and well-known Italian & European
labels such as Malatoid Records (Switzerland), Hitfinders Music (Italy), Helen Brown “Breathe Me feat. Alyel” inc.
Vinjay & The Vegas Mix (2013 Hitfinders Music), and We are not famous (Malatoid Records),
Their tracks usually get good feedbacks and support by internacional Radios and Top Djs, and often enter some of the Top
Tracks Rankings, such as the Beatport Top 100 (Deep-House Top 100, Indie-Dance/Nu Disco Top 100, Electronica Top 100), the
JunoDownload Top 100 (Deep-House Top 100, Progressive-House Top 100, Funky/Club-House Top 100), the Italian Dj Charts
Top 100 (IDJC) and the Earone Radio Chart.
Generally their tracks get supports & positive feedbacks by some of the most important world top djs such as Fedde Le Grand,
Luciano, Steve Lawler, Richie Hawtin, Funkagenda, Franco Bianco, Rino Cerrone, Pirupa, Provenzano Dj, Sergio
Matina, Todd Terry, Silvano Delgado, Gigi de Martino etc.
In the spring of 2013 they joined the label/booking agency Malatoid Records/Ck Family an established indie music-company
managed by Lucio Carpentieri; so they finally release “We Are Not Famous feat. Martha”, their bestseller track ever,
co-produced with Vinjay and Loverdose.
During their career they have also collaborated with other international artists (djs, producers & singers) of the dance scene such
as Andrea Love (Top International Singer U.S.A.), Loverdose (International Djs & Producers UK), Helen Brown (International
Dj & Producer ITA), DJ Castello (International Dj & Producer ISR), Vinjay (Italy), Jerry May and Armando Masta.
They are currently recording & preparing new electronic tunes such their next official single “One More Time” feat Andrea
Love co-produced with Sandro Odoardi, Vinjay and Marco Ranieri.
Dj since: 2011
Producer/Remixer since: 2012
Genre of music: House/Electronica/Techno/Indie-Dance
Full and updated Discography on Beatport
at the following link:



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